Entune 3.0

Entune 3.0 - Parkcity Toyota

Smart apps and connected services designed to make every trip more enjoyable as well as enhance your peace of mind.

Entune 3.0 Video

Connected Technology for Everyone

Safety connect

You can rest assured that Safety Connect is ready to respond should you encounter trouble while driving. From a flat tire to an emergency situation, using the vehicles onboard cellular and GPS technology, a live 24/7 response centre agent will soon have assistance on the way.

Emergency assistance (Sos)

With Safety Connect, Emergency Assistance is just a press of the SOS button away.

Enhanced Roadside assistance

Get fast help for a roadside situation including flat tire, tow, fuel delivery and more.

AUtomatic Collision notification

Safety Connect automatically takes action to assist you should your airbags ever deploy or if impact sensors are triggered.

stolen vehicle locator

Should your Toyota ever be stolen, Stolen Vehicle Locator can help with its recovery.

app suite connect

Entunes App Suite Connect gives you access to a set of truly useful apps. Plan the perfect night out, find the best route to get there, listen to your favourite songs along the way, and more. Most apps support voice-activated hands-free commands to keep it safe and convenient. Now all you have to do is download the app, pair your phone and you're good to go.